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7 Most Iconic NFTS From The Entertainment Industry


Throughout history, there have been many iconic NFTs that have captured the hearts and minds of the public. From pets to people, these NFTs are so beloved that they’ve become household names.

In the entertainment industry, there are many icons who have created memorable characters and performances that will live on forever in the minds of fans. These iconic individuals are often immortalized in NFT form through action figures, statues, and more.

Here are some of the most popular entertainment icons who have had their own iconic NFTs.

Grimes’ NFT of her song “Death of the Old” earned $6 million.

The singer Grimes is one of the latest artists to create an NFT. She sold a song titled “Death of the Old” for $6 million, according to Bloomberg. The song was released earlier this year on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Mars House sold for nearly $500,000.

Mars House, a virtual reality home designed by Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life) and sold via Crypto.com: $432,000

Mars House is one of two NFTs purchased in a 2019 sale by the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. It was created using building blocks from Second Life, an online platform that allows users to create their own virtual world. Dorsey purchased it for the equivalent of nearly $500,000 USD from Crypto.com (a crypto exchange), which in turn gave him ownership rights over the property and certain exclusivity benefits.

Kings of Leon’s “When You See Yourself” album was released as an NFT.

As a nod to the digital age, in March of 2021, Kings of Leon released their album “When You See Yourself” as an NFT. The sale made the band the first major act to release an entire album as a non-fungible token (NFT) through blockchain technology.

Fans had to spend over $50 on the cryptocurrency market (Ethereum) in order to gain access to downloads and additional content connected with the album. As a result of this action, Kings of Leon became one of many artists who have waded into this new frontier of music sales. Other notable names include electronica producer 3LAU and pop star Grimes.

Will Smith made a virtual version of himself.

Cryptopop is a virtual version of Will Smith created by The Wave. The Wave is a company that specializes in making virtual celebrities that can be sold as NFTs. Cryptopop was recently sold for $32,000, making it one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold.

When you buy an NFT like this, you own all of the rights to the digital file and get access to the unedited 3D model, the source code behind it, and any pre-rendered videos that are produced from it. Cryptopop isn’t just a static image; he can interact with other virtual people and exists in his own world consisting of his own memories and feelings—and now he’s yours!

Lindsay Lohan’s music video was sold using blockchain technology.

On Ethernity Chain, a blockchain-based platform for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), you can buy Lindsay Lohan’s music video “Xanax” for $25,000.

The song is a duet between the former child star and rapper G Eazy. The media entrepreneur behind Ethernity Chain says that he wants the platform to be “the most significant NFT platform in the entertainment industry.”

And while there are some cool NFTs related to film and TV on Ethernity Chain, some people think Lohan’s music video may be one of its best.

An unreleased Jack Dorsey tweet from the first day Twitter launched was auctioned off.

An unreleased Jack Dorsey tweet from the first day Twitter launched was auctioned off. The tweet, which was sold for $2.9 million via Valuables by Cent in March, was the first-ever sent by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and read: “just setting up my twttr.” The buyer of the tweet, who is also a big fan of buying and selling NFTs, was Sina Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle.

An iconic photo shot by Trevor Mahlmann featuring SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule is up for sale. Mahlmann has been an official photographer for NASA since 2002 and captured the image on May 30 last year during SpaceX’s launch of Demo-2, a mission that took astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station. The original photograph is available for preorder at SuperRare with bids starting at $10,000 or 0.105 Ether (about $212).

Tweetin’ with Donald Trump?

If you’ve been wondering when the former president of the United States will start releasing his thousands of hours of recorded speeches, rants, and tweets as NFTs, then look no further! Donald Trump’s NFTs will be released by summer 2021 on the Valuables platform.

This will allow fans to purchase his thoughts and actions without actually having to read through what he’s said or see him in action.

In the world of NFTs, you can buy almost anything. These non-fungible tokens are a type of cryptocurrency, digital asset, and blockchain technology that have become increasingly popular in recent years—especially in the entertainment industry. In fact, we’ve seen NFTs used to sell everything from music to merchandise.

Here’s a look at some of the most iconic NFTs from celebrities and performers in Hollywood and beyond.

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