How To Proceed Whenever Your Web seminar Technology Fails


Web seminar technology – like every technology – is not 100% reliable. In case your technology fails badly, it may be tough to follow the web seminar. So whenever possible, prevent this issue by double- and triple-examining the technology before beginning. Perform the practice sessions, make use of a reliable headset, ensure there is a good Web connection, and so forth.

It is also prudent to place measures in position to handle the issues that may arise – for instance:

If problems occur, have you got someone else around the web seminar who can dominate as organizer/presenter?

For those who have a guest presenter, have you ever requested them for backup material you can present on their account when they give up?

Have you ever told your guest presenter to keep close track of their chat window, so that you can send them emergency messages if required?

Do your guest presenters, panelists as well as participants have your cell phone number or perhaps your PA’s number when they find themselves in trouble?

In case your visuals fail, have you got a PDF form of your slides you can e-mail to participants (and have already e-mailed to participants)?

In case your audio drops out, have you got an urgent situation slide to tell participants you are still around the web seminar?

Some web seminar technology like GoToWebinar also enables you to send chat messages to participants. However, you cannot depend on it keeping track of their Chat window, whereas they’ll certainly check this out the emergency slide.

When THEIR technology fails

Even though you test out your technology completely, you cannot predict how effective your participants are going to be once they connect with the web seminar. This is a lesser problem for that web seminar overall, however, maybe it’s a disaster for individuals participants who lose out.

Gradually alter minimize or avoid the problems, with such things as this:

Obvious instructions before the web seminar

Indication e-mails help them get ready for the web seminar

Explaining the way the technology works at the beginning of the web seminar

Multiple choices for connecting towards the web seminar (for instance, phone or Internet)

However, this will not eliminate everything. Regardless of how you strive to teach them, some participants will not browse the instructions. This isn’t always their fault it might just be they are afraid of we’ve got the technology anyway so that they simply do what’s easiest on their behalf and hope all went well.

This means you still so that you can manage the issues once they occur – for instance:

Record the web seminar, and make certain participants realize that in advance, therefore if they cannot connect whatsoever, a minimum of they are fully aware they can watch it.

Provide them with a telephone number to – yours or perhaps your PA’s – should they have trouble connecting towards the web seminar.

Persuade folks to participate in the web seminar a minimum of ten minutes in advance, in situations they are doing find difficult.

If their microphone is not working, help remind them they can type their question for you (or send it by SMS).

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