4 Stunning infinity pools in Kerala you need to check out this summer


Contrary to the belief that infinity pools are hard to manage, you’d find that the majority of hotels and resorts in the country are having at least one or two within their premises. The hotels and resorts in Kerala aren’t far behind. In case you feel like taking a dip, mentioned here are some of the best infinity pools that you can find in Kerala. Check for Kerala tour packages with a stay at these amazing hotels and make sure to enjoy the pools.

The Leela Kovalam Beach Hotel

The Leela Kempinski Kovalam Beach Hotel is often counted amongst the most prestigious hotels located at the Kovalam Beach in Kerala. Amongst all its luxury, what attracts a visitors attention are the two large infinity pools located in its two wings – the Beach View Wing and the Sea-View Wing. Lying at the poolside, soaking the sun and taking a dip in the pools feels like something you’d always wanted for. The spectacular view of the pools from the hotel terraces makes up for a romantic setting. Seeing the infinity pool vanishing in the horizon is something you’d want to capture in your cameras. Check for Kerala tour packages with a stay at this amazing hotel and make sure to enjoy the pool

Kumarakom Lake Resort

Touted as one of the most famous luxury resorts in Kerala, the Kumarakom Lake Resort has been voted as the ‘Leading Resorts of India’, by the prestigious World Travel Award. This heritage resort comes with one of the most serene atmosphere and world class facilities. And, it also has a beautiful infinity pool. Standing on the deck of the pool, you get a breathtaking view of the Vembanad Lake, which definitely makes an amazing backdrop. When inside the pool, sometimes it feels like that the shimmering waves of the lakes has extended itself within the hotel boundaries

This luxury hotel is located on the Wellington Island and offers a fascinating view of the astounding backwaters of Kochi. More than all the luxury the hotel has to offer it is known for its strikingly beautiful infinity pool, which is aptly named as Aquarius. The pool and its view guarantee to act as icing on the cake, during your luxurious stay. The edges of the infinity pool create a magnificent illusion by mixing well with the colour of the sky, thus giving you a boundless horizon. The provision of providing a poolside table on request by the management to have a romantic dinner adds tremendously to the splendid feel of the Aquarius.

Spice Tree Munnar

The Spice Tree Munnar resort is another famous luxury accommodation retreat in Kerala, famous for its infinity pool. Perched high in the Kannan Devan Hills overlooking the Bison Valley, the Spice Tree is a hill resort of Kerala. Besides being famous for its exhilarating atmosphere, modern facilities and restorative hilly euphoria, the resort is famous for its infinity pool also. In case you didn’t know, it is the only infinity pool in Kerala which uses solar-generated power to heat the water. So that visitors can enjoy a comfortable and enriching swim in the pool all the year round.

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