Advantages of Availing Domestic Holiday Cover While Travelling


Data from August 2019 shows Indians traveling via air growing at a rate of around 3.7%. Of this, domestic air travel recorded around a 3.9% hike. This data indicates an increasing number of Indians opting to go for domestic travels during their vacation. With multitudes of Indians opting to travel across the country, it is important they explore safety options along with their trip planning.

Travel can include different types of risks, from missing flights to sudden medical emergencies. Consequently, it is advantageous to have a domestic travel insurance policy in place. These policies provide financial protection in case any sudden mishap occurs. Bajaj Finserv offers tailor-made plans which cater to every type of necessity that might come up during a holiday trip.

The different features offered under the domestic travel insurance in India are discussed below in detail. Customers should check these features and benefits closely before buying the policy.

Travel aid

Of the different benefits to look for, the most crucial is that of aid in case a tourist is stranded while on his or her travels. From missing flights to losing reservations at hotels, there can be umpteen numbers of reasons which might necessitate the need for aid. Under such circumstances, insurance aggregators generally offer up to Rs. 50,000 to secure new tickets and reservations.

For individuals opting for a trip abroad, travel insurance plans offer a greater sum of up to Rs. 1 Lakh if stranded.

Medical cover

A medical emergency can occur at any time. Especially if it occurs on a trip, it is further troublesome for tourists with their financial plans. On that account, a domestic holiday cover policy offers up to Rs. 3 Lakh toward medical expenses, if an individual needs to be hospitalized or require medical attention.

Tourists can consider plans like the Group Jeevan Suraksha policy offered by Bajaj Finserv. These policies effectively cover the whole family at nominal costs.

Protection of luggage

A domestic travel insurance policy offers the benefit of financial reimbursement in case any luggage is lost or stolen. Furthermore, even incidents of home burglary are covered financially under these plans.

Roadside aid

Several financial institutions offer roadside aid in case of breakdowns in hundreds of locations across India. Additionally, they also offer financial aid to assist customers with fuel. There are often incidents on road trips where tourists are stranded due to a lack of fuel. Financial institutions offer gas for cars and bikes as well under their travel insurance plans.

Card security

The security of plastic money is extremely crucial since it can be susceptible to identity theft and subsequent malpractices. These domestic travel insurance policies offer a feature where customers can simply call one toll-free number and block all their credit and debit cards. This ensures immediate and prompt protection in case of loss or theft while on holiday.

Financial institutions also offer the cost of duplicate PAN cards for insured individuals, along with assistance in its application. Customers can additionally avail of insurance policies like wallet care plans which also offer financial protection in case of fraud along with SIM blocking service.

With the numerous benefits offered on these insurance policies, insured tourists can enjoy their holiday plans without any worries on their minds. The claim process of these policies is also extremely easy, making it convenient for stranded tourists. Domestic travel insurance policy can be easily claimed with a phone call on the toll-free number of the insurance aggregator. Customers can also claim their pocket insurance via email to their financial institutions.

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