Creative Ideas On How To Improve Your Garden


Your garden is supposed to be a place where you can let the day go and enjoy the little pleasures of life like a good book, cozy hammock or beautiful blossom. Of course, it can also be a space that’s a little daunting, especially if you’ve never managed a garden before. The following will explore a few clever ideas you can employ to improve your garden space and, hopefully, get you and your household outside in the sunshine more often. Take and apply what interests you!

Secure Privacy

The world is a hectic place, and you probably don’t want to be dealing with it all the time. If you focus on providing privacy in your garden, either via shrubbery or fences, you can use the space however you want, whenever you want. This is particularly important if you have children who regularly play in the garden; some humans are gross and bad, and you don’t want them looking at your kids.

Hammock Heaven

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as swaying a little in a hammock as the clouds rush overhead. Maybe that’s because most of us were rocked back and forth as babies, and we consider the motion soothing. It might also be because we have fond memories of sunny vacations or calming camping trips. Hammocks make a wonderful addition to any garden.

There are two main kinds of hammocks: freestanding and tree-supported. Depending on the size and strength of trees in your yard, you might only have the option of a freestanding hammock. It’s important that if you have children or pets who are big enough to jump into the hammock, you ensure adequate supervision. Some hammocks have strings that can get tangled and potentially hurt little beings that get caught within them.

Cool Off In The Shade

While your garden plants probably love the sun, too much bright light can limit the hours within which you can enjoy your garden. Shade can be provided in several different ways, including larger trees, gazebos or other structures or awnings. One provider of awnings in Philadelphia points out that retractable awnings are an option as well. This can help you determine the exact amount of shade versus sun that you want. It also allows you to adjust your shade depending on the season.

Think About The Animals You Want To Attract

Nothing in nature exists in isolation. Plants draw animals and work with them. This means that you can actually encourage certain wildlife by being cognizant of the flowers you choose. Do you love hummingbirds? Find bell-shaped flowers that they’re interested in. Are there certain songbirds you love hearing? Do you find butterflies uplifting? Figure out what calls to the animals that you want to have around and plant those things. Your garden can quickly become a Disney-princess haven if you allow it.

While you’re at it, why not pop in a few plants that support pollinators? Bees are struggling worldwide due to monocropping and trimmed grass lawns. You can be part of the solution.

Pick Flowers That Smell Good

The scent is a highly underrated aspect of the human experience. Studies show it has a massive impact on our mood and our memories. With this in mind, why not seek out flowers that you love the smell of for your garden? Some popular flower scents include lavender, honeysuckle and gardenias. Of course, your individual preferences should take precedence. Why not wander through your local garden center, focusing on the smells that call to you? This can help turn lazy afternoons in your garden into gorgeous sensory experiences.

Make Sure There’s Seating For Everyone

When planning out a garden, it’s easy to account for the members of your household when choosing seating, but it can be worth the effort to expand your seating to include lots of guests. Socializing in the garden can leave everyone in a peaceful, friendly mood. Gardens are wonderful places to build memories with the people you like the most!

Fruit Trees

If you live in a climate where fruit trees are possible, take advantage. Fruit trees not only provide juicy, sweet treats throughout the warmer months, but they also tend to be trees that fill with gorgeous blossoms during the spring. Nothing is more magical than flowering trees swaying in the wind, and this makes them stellar focal points within a garden space.

Water Features

Studies have shown that being near moving water is incredibly healthy for humans. It lowers our stress levels and increases our life expectancies. Shimmering water is also gorgeous. Consider a bubbling fountain or a cute pond.

Climbing Plants

Another treasure in any garden is climbing plants, particularly if those plants flower. Ivy, vines and climbing roses can help add height, texture and color to your garden. They can also cover up uglier features that you can’t, for whatever reason, get rid of. Seek out flowering vines and watch a YouTube video or two on encouraging their growth direction. You’ll be amazed at the fantastical results.

Edible Delights

Another wonderful way to improve your garden space is to include edible plants. Herbs, lettuces and whatever your favorite vegetables are can be grown in and among the plants in your garden (be highly careful about pesticides if you’re planning on eating what you’re growing). Not only are edible plants beautiful, but they can also help create feelings of resilience and security. Given the number of people struggling with food insecurity at the moment (and how much this insecurity is expected to grow), having a little something extra just sitting in your backyard can help alleviate a little bit of the stress of this era.

As you can see, there are many ways to boost the vibrance of your garden and your emotional state when you’re within it. It’s important to note that gardens aren’t grown overnight. Don’t expect to have everything in its ideal place and thriving within a week. It takes time to cultivate a flourishing, peace-inducing garden. It’s better to start small with what you can manage and add new plants and features over the years than it is to plant a whole bunch of things and struggle to get to know what they prefer as they all begin dying around you.

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