5 Tips to Boost Your SAT Math Score


Math has consistently been the most despicable aspect of numerous understudies. These understudies figure out how to pass this subject simply by focusing on and finding support from their educators, guides, and individual understudies. 

Getting additional assistance is a compelling system for all understudies, in any event, for high-capacity understudies who need to be certain they will get an extremely high score on the numerical SAT. Math is one of the three required areas of the SAT. In that capacity, getting a high score in this segment is critical to get a high normal score and have better possibilities of dazzling school affirmations officials.

How to Get a High Score in Your Math SAT

Taking an SAT prep course presented by a numerical learning community will support your odds of getting an extraordinary score in this segment. 

By pursuing an SAT survey program, you will realize what kind of inquiries you will go over during the real test. You will then, at that point, be ready to respond to them or pick the most intelligent reply. You will likewise master different test-taking abilities and procedures intended to assist you with performing better during the test. 

What’s more, by picking a survey place that likewise offers math instructional exercise programs, you will find support from guides whose mastery lies in this subject. You will then, at that point, learn more procedures and stunts that will permit you to get a higher score in the test’s number-related segment. 

As well as taking a crack at an SAT audit course, follow the tips underneath to work on your odds of getting a high score on the test’s mathematical test:

1. Supplement your review with high-quality study materials

Although you will be learning a lot of things from your review courses in school and the learning center, you will still benefit from reading or using additional materials.

This is because the SAT is an exam that follows specific sets of patterns. If you don’t know the right tricks, you will have a lot of problems, not only in math but with all the other sections.

Looking for additional review materials will help you know the SAT inside and out. You can easily find them on the Internet. However, make sure you download only updated and high-quality materials so that they will help you instead of confusing you.

2. Master performing basic calculations

The SAT math section is divided into two areas: one where you can use a calculator and one which requires examinees to solve problems manually or without using a calculator.

If you have been using a calculator to make even basic calculations, you will have difficulties with the no-calculator section. As such, make sure you practice doing basic calculations regularly without a calculator.

Some of the important calculations you have to master are: complex multiplications, long division, and drawing straight line graphs.

3. Memorize math formulas and concepts

Once you know all the topics covered in the SAT math section, memorize pertinent formulas and facts.

This will point you in the right direction on how to tackle a question. Additionally, with the right formulas and concepts in mind, you will have an easier and quicker time seeing the right solution.

Some mathematical concepts and formulas you need to memorize or at least master are:

  • Basic algebra formulas
  • Data analysis
  • Geometry rules and formulas

4. Take lots of practice test

To become more familiar with the SAT math question types, take as many practice tests as you can.

Start by taking the practice tests untimed. While taking them, focus on identifying your areas of strength and weakness. Once you have taken a few, move on to taking timed tests to perfect your pacing, which is important in helping ensure you finish the whole SAT exam.

Once you get the result of a practice exam, review your answer. Make sure you understand why you got the wrong answer and try to figure out how to arrive at the correct one.

5. Arm yourself with the right strategies

Your chances of getting a high score on the SAT math section will be increased if you know and apply the right test-taking strategies.

Some of the most helpful are:

  • Picking numbers – this includes supplanting the questions or factors for certain numbers that are not difficult to deal with. You then, at that point, need to test your answer decisions utilizing these numbers.
  • Backsolving – this strategy means plugging the answers into the question until you get the right one.
  • The process of elimination – when answering multiple-choice questions, reduce your choices by eliminating the answers you know are wrong. When you only have two choices left, you will have a higher chance of getting the right answer.

Lastly, don’t always make mental calculations. Write your solutions on the test booklet. By doing so, you will be able to easily check what you’ve done.

The tips mentioned will also help you as you take the other SAT sections and prepare for other types of exams. As such, take note of them and use them well as you prepare and take all-important tests.

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