As an Athlete, How Should You Prepare for ACT?


It might be tough for you to prepare for the ACT as an athlete. You either have to compromise on your sports or your preparation for the ACT. There are a lot of hurdles for students; being an athlete who wants to prepare for the ACT. But still, athletes are naturally disciplined and organized on time management, and so, they will have the power to respond better to a structured plan and its timeline. The overall response would be up to the individual athlete who is going to appear for the ACT.

Some will prefer preparing themselves for the ACT when it is an off-season with intensive studies, while others will prepare themselves over a longer period carrying out their sports side-by-side.

Given below are some ways that will help you to prepare for the ACT, even playing sports for a club or in-school sports:

  • Plan Early

While you are in your sophomore year, plan about what sports are you going to play, and the months that will be busiest for you in practicing and playing games. So, work hard on your preparation before that season. This will reduce your pressure on your preparation for your playing season. On Saturdays and Sundays, you won’t have any game to play, take preparation tests for the ACT. You should remember one thing that summer is the best time for writing the easy draft.

  • Sports is Similar to Test

So, think that you are playing on your home ground. You have three performance areas in sports:

  • Skills
  • Mindset
  • Fitness

For the test, you also have three areas to address:

  • Mental preparation
  • Academic Fundamentals
  • Strategies

So, there are common strategies such as mind-body, focus, and breathing in both sports and test preparation.

  • Use ideas of the Field
  • Practice Regularly: As you practice in your sports to be a better sportsperson, you should also practice regularly to hone your skills via practice tests. Avoid skipping seasons, and always be prepared with materials.  
  • Practice in Real Way: Like sports, practice your test as you are sitting in a real test. Take a watch, pencils, etc., and do it in a calm place.
  • Use Help from a Coach: Like your sports need a coach or trainer, ACT test prep also needs the same.

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