Distinguishing between different types of essays


Essay writing is a skill that most students have to learn and hone throughout their educational life. Essays are written in almost all levels of education, from high school to college and even in post-graduate studies. Moreover, it is also a requirement in college applications and many standardized tests.

But knowing how to write a good essay is not the problem. Knowing how to tell them apart is the real deal. There are numerous types of essays, each with different rules or writing and with their unique style.

Common essay types

  • Narrative essays

A narrative essay is an essay that requires the writer to tell a story. The story is often based on the personal experience of the writer. The essence of this story is to allow a student to be creative in delivering the tale of their past experience and to express a personal attitude towards a past event. The essay has to be vivid and follow a specific chronological order of events. This type of essay is usually written in the first person since it is a personal experience.

  • Descriptive essays

Descriptive essays, as their words dictate, try to paint the image of an object, an event or a memory to the reader through mere words. Descriptive essays are written in vivid expressions and description that allows the reader to create the image that you are trying to paint in their head. It can incorporate the look, smell, work, and even the texture of whatever you are trying to describe. You can also involve personal feelings on the subject matter if it helps with the description.

  • Expository essays

These are informative essays that the writer is required to state facts, statistics, and examples that are based on a certain topic. In these types of essays, the writer has to adopt a neutral stand and write without bias on both sides of the topic under discussion. As such, research is very critical in such an essay.

  • Persuasive essays

Persuasive essays require the writer to state facts and reason with the reader in an attempt to woo them into joining their (the writer) side of the argument. An argumentative essay uses convincing language, facts, rhetoric questions, logic, prodding, and a myriad of other devices that are designed to shake the stand that the reader already has on a subject and convince them that the writer’s side is ultimately the best stand.

  • Definitive essays

These are particularly tricky essays to write. A definitive essay involves defining a term or a topic in a new way but with a better description than a standard dictionary. One can delve into the use of the term or word, its origin, and even how its structure and use have changed over the years.

  • Admission/scholarship essays

These are very vital in college applications. These essays act as a preview to the relevant board and tell them about the person who intends to join their institution of higher learning or to get the scholarship being offered. In these essays, it is advisable, to be honest at all costs. In the essay, the writer should write why they have chosen the institution and the particular field of study, their personal strengths, and weaknesses and how they can contribute to the school community. Scholarship essays should also add why prospective students think they need financial support in their studies.

  • Argumentative essays

Argumentative essays are like persuasive essays, only that they are more formal. These essays aim at convincing the reader to choose one side of the argument over the other. Unlike persuasive essays which can use strong arguments and feelings, argumentative essays are based on fact and reason and must cite specific studies and statistics.


Essays are no easy task, especially for beginners, despite their crucial role in the academic system. Developing good essay writing habits and practicing often can help you excel at essay writing. If you need help writing your essay, whatever it is, be not afraid to summon Unemployed Professors to your aid.

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